Company Overview




Our Mission in Rofina Group is to become the market leader in the retailing industry and to revolutionize this industry in many years to come. By carrying a wide range of brands, we are able to distribute a range of high quality and innovative products that will help us achieve our mission. With the help of all these brands under our company, we will soon be able to stand proud among the titans and receive recognition by the top leaders of the retailing industry.



Our Vision in Rofina Group is to be the best we can in every market that we put our foot into. We envisioned a future that we are able to revolutionize this company to have the strength of a big company. We also would like to achieve a sustainable growth by maximizing returns to shareholders. Besides that,we wish to expand internationally and to stand a chance to be a part of the TOP 10 Travelling Firms and Leather Goods distributor in the world by year 2025.