The Brand Introduction

Roncato was created in 1950 in Campodarsego, near Venice, Italy.  Roncato is a manufacturing company that brought to the market important innovations:

- First in the world to introduce a mix of colours on hard case luggage.
- First in the world to reduce a significant amount of weight from Polypropylene (PP) made luggage.
- First to make a trolley luggage with shell and frame of a combined weight of less than 5kg in the world.

Roncato has their footprint in 110 countries, worldwide. In Asia alone, only China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore & Malaysia carries the Roncato brand.

Roncato is one of the titans among world-renowned Luggage brands in Europe with the likes of Samsonite, Rimowa, Roncato, Tumi and Delsey.



All Roncato products are designed and developed in Italy, and the brand has won licenses and awards on innovation for their hard case luggage collections. All of Roncato products are produced, manufactured and assembled in their own production facilities in Italy.

The raw materials used are sourced from within Europe to uphold its product quality of the highest standard. Materials used such as PP (Polypropylene) & PC (Polycarbonate) are sourced from Belgium.

Roncato’s high performing, ultra-light, resistant, durable, high-quality products are made possible through a constant and extremely thorough research and development process that focuses on material quality and production process.


The Quality

Quality is not just a compromisable value but a minimal standard procedure which sets a guideline for all of Roncato’s business. This is further affirmed by Roncato’s Made In Italy production tag and the ISO 9001 certification on all of Roncato’s corporate process management and their constant optimization. Roncato also performs thorough trials and testing in order to guarantee excellence in quality and highly functional products.



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