The Business

The Business


Rofina Group is committed to be one of the market leader in the luggage, winter wear & travel accessories industry and to gain international recognition by carrying wide range of quality products through the sale and distribution of the innovative designs of its own brand names and distributorships of products of other brand owners and manufacturers. Our company has successfully set up retail chain stores in major shopping complexes and paves in hypermarkets, supermarkets, and departmental stores in Malaysia. Our company plans to expand its business in Australia and South-east Asia with the concept of one-stop travelling needs’ solution.



The Opportunities & Growth Plan


From humble beginnings and with over 35 years of history in Malaysia, our company has continued to re-brand itself into a diversified multi-brand, multi-category and multi-channel luggage, bags, winter apparel and travel accessories business across Malaysia. Our group’s goal is to develop and expand our market share globally. Our initial growth plan can be summarised as follows:


  •  To develop and strengthen our wholesale business in Australia and thereafter to penetrate the Singapore and Cambodia wholesale markets;
  •  To continuously enhance our research and development to expand and upgrade our product design, range and quality;
  •  To implement sustainable marketing strategies, including communicating aggressively and strategically through advertising and promotion via social media platforms in view of increasing our online sales;
  •  To collaborate and work with more corporate clients in view of increasing our B2B sales segment.



Our Core Value


Experienced and Qualified


Our retail outlets, equipped with experienced and qualified front line sales executive has helped to promote and bring up Rofina Group into a higher level of accomplishment.


Well-Organized Management Team


With the help of a well-organized management team, Rofina Group has now over 10 retail and 3 departmental stores throughout Malaysia.


Excellent Professionals

Rofina Group boasts an outstanding in-house team of excellent professionals, ranging from sales & marketing personnel, customer service specialist, R&D engineers, business development executives and also highly trained sales associates to cater to any & all of customers’ needs.



Revenue Stream


The group’s revenue streams include:


  • Retail Sales
  • Online Sales
  • B2B Sales